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Two Products/Two Price Points: The Most Profitable Choice for Installers

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A product for every customer willing to “Move Up” to AMSOIL

AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil offers the benefits of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil at a drain interval recommended by vehicle manufacturers. See your customers at the same frequency as when they used petroleum oils…

— Change oil at OEM-recommended drain intervals —

Even motorists who understand that synthetic oils perform better than conventional petroleum oils have sometimes balked at the initial cost. AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil brings you a new generation of synthetic oil customers – customers who have always wanted the performance, protection and benefits of synthetic motor oil but were reluctant to pay extra for it. AMSOIL OE Synthetic Motor Oil helps motorists cross the last barrier to experiencing the benefits of synthetic motor oil.

— Premium performance for customers who want only the best —

AMSOIL formulates a wide selection of synthetic lubricants for all types of engine and gear applications including motorcycles, boats, commercial vehicles and all types of powersports equipment. In addition, AMSOIL offers sophisticated fuel additives, filtration systems and other companion products that supplement lubricant performance, especially in severe operating conditions. Here are a few best-selling AMSOIL products that have been proven to deliver additional profits for installers.

Research has shown that motorists desire the convenience of longer maintenance intervals. With AMSOIL XL you can see your customers at least twice per year and offer a convenient service to those who appreciate their spring/fall oil change routines and find frequent oil changes a time consuming hassle.


Change oil at intervals of up to 10,000 miles or six months*

Many motorists find frequent oil changes a time-consuming hassle. In addition to extended service life, AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oils are designed to provide cleaner operation, reduced deposits, better protection against sludge and varnish formation, reduced wear and excellent fuel economy for additional savings. AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oils also help reduce environmental impact due to lower volatility and less waste disposal.

In short, AMSOIL XL saves consumers money while delivering profits for oil change professionals. When you recommend AMSOIL you are recommending the world’s leading independent synthetic motor oil.

* AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oils provide superior performance for up to 10,000 miles/six months, or longer when recommended in owners’ manuals or indicated by electronic oil life monitoring systems. Both OE and XL Synthetic Motor Oils are rated API SN and ILSAC GF-5, with the SAE 5W-30 viscosities recommended for the new GM dexos1TM specification.

— How Installers Profit with AMSOIL —

Industry reports indicate that the overall North American lubricants market is shrinking, but synthetics’ share of the market continues to grow. It’s evident that consumers now generally accept that synthetics are better than petroleum oils. Petroleum oils have risen from under $1 per quart up to the $2 – $3 per quart range, and even higher in most convenience stores. With the initial-cost gap narrowing, the performance differences are becoming more apparent.

Statistics show that people are keeping their vehicles longer than they used to. Consumers want to put off the expense of a new vehicle for as long as possible, and synthetic lubricants can help them extend the life of their equipment.

— How Installers Make More Money —

The price structure for AMSOIL OE and XL Synthetic Motor Oils was developed to be profitable for installers, while offering value to motorists as well. The lower price point for OE Motor Oils enables motorists to make an easy transition from petroleum to synthetic motor oil while the XL line provides excellent profitability for installers and even more value for consumers. Though profits vary based on drain intervals and typical oil change prices, OE and XL are clearly profitable recommendations and excellent choices for customers.


The chart shows how a properly priced AMSOIL oil change boosts your bottom line while simultaneously providing all the benefits of a premium synthetic motor oil, including better wear protection, improved fuel economy, easier cold-weather starts, excellent thermal stability and cleaner engine operation. While most oil change facilities recommend customers return every 3,000 miles, statistics show that the average customer actually drives approximately 4,500 miles between oil changes. Regardless of whether your customers adhere to a 3,000-mile recommendation, practice a more typical 4,500-mile drain interval or participate in the XL Program, AMSOIL is the most profitable choice for installers.

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